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Group 1

Exploring the Forest School Site 04/05/22

What an adventure we went on today. The children discovered many things around our Forest School site. For a start there were the rabbits. Sometimes we can see the rabbits in the field but today, despite looking in some good rabbit hiding spots, we could only find the evidence of rabbits. Where there are rabbits there is bound to be foxes. Sure enough, we found the very smelly evidence that a fox had been in the field. We could even see that the fox had been eating something with fur on!

We split into two groups one had a go under the trees in the hammock whilst the other group worked with me. The children who were with me did several jobs. The grass needed to be tidied up, a den had to be built and some flower hats got made. You can see that everyone kept very busy so after a bit we had to stop to get our breath back. That is always a good time for some lovely hot chocolate and a biscuit, it certainly gets me through the day. Of course, after that we swapped over groups. This time the children wanted to do something a bit different so we got some hammers out and did some nailing together of wood – watch you don’t hit the wrong nail!

Can you believe on top of all this we learnt a Forest School song, and played a game of ‘Oggle Poggle’!