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As you know, our school was inspected by Ofsted on 12 July 2017 and, on behalf of the

Leadership Team and Governors, I am pleased to tell you that Newburn Manor Primary School continues to be a ‘Good School’. Following our previous inspection in November 2012, we were also awarded a good rating from the inspection team. Although this may look like we have ‘stayed the same’ the framework has changed considerably over the last five years. The current descriptors for a good school are of a higher standard than 5 years ago, and show that we continue to evolve and move forward year on year. I am extremely proud of the pupils, staff and leaders of the school and this report backs up our own judgement of Newburn Manor as well as recognising the hard work, commitment and drive Mrs McFadyen instilled upon the whole school community. Here are a few of highlights from the report…


‘Since the previous inspection, you have built a leadership and staff team with the skills and ambition needed to drive further improvement. Consequently, the school’s capacity for continued success is strong.’

‘You place a high priority on developing pupils’ well-being to ensure that pupils thrive.’

‘There is consistently a high level of concentration and keenness to learn.’

‘A typical comment from a parent was, ‘Lovely school with fantastic staff! A great environment for learning’.’

‘The curriculum is certainly broad and balanced, enhanced by visits, such as to local museums and the coast and residential visits.’

‘The previous inspection report asked you to improve the impact of the school’s leaders on pupil achievements. You have done this successfully.’

‘The school environment is stimulating and supports pupils’ learning well.’