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Autumn Term

Term 1b Week 7

This week we have had our Christmas party, been to the church, listened to the rock band and created a New Year display for the hall.  We are all ready for our holidays and looking forward to all the things we will learn in 2020.

Last week was our Nativity performance we worked with Year 1 to learn songs, animal sounds and stage directions to put on the nativity show “Away in a Manger”. We did two shows and our grownups came to see us and they were very impressed by our efforts.

Reception won the Attendance and Punctuality awards this week. Well Done!

Term 1b Week 6

Our class has had an exciting adventure at Seven Stories, we looked around the exhibits, tried on costumes and read stories, then we took part in a Polar Express workshop where Charlotte (the trainee story driver) read us the story of the Polar Express.  We got on the train, had hot chocolate and made a bell shaped tree decoration.  We even stayed for lunch what a busy morning.


Term 1b Week 5

On Monday Melissa from British Cycling (HSBC Go-Ride Coach) came to our school and brought balance bikes, helmets and some gloves and took small groups of children to the MUGA to practise control and balance skills.  The children really enjoyed the experience.

Term 1b Week 4

Reception have been investigating doubles, using Numicon to make arms for doubling monsters and sticking Numicon pictures into books.  We have thought about the importance of counting carefully, numeral formation and some of the children have even worked on counting on from a known number rather than counting from 1 (e.g. double 3, starting to count the second 3 by saying 4).

Term 1b Week 3

We have continued thinking about our senses moving on to our sense of smell, the children smelt bottles and guessed what might have been in them as well as describing the smell and saying if they liked it or not.  They wrote sentences using their phonic skills and knowledge of tricky words.

Term 1b Week 2

In our Maths sessions we have been thinking about size and ordering pictures, objects and people according to their size.  On Thursday Miss Morgan wrote down all of the size words that Reception could think of then we ordered the words.  Amazing vocabulary and reasoning skills Reception!

  • Enormous
  • Biggest
  • Really big
  • Huge
  • Giant
  • Bigger
  • Big
  • Large
  • Fat
  • Medium
  • Little
  • Small
  • Tiny
  • Really small
  • Teeny tiny

Term 1b Week 1

This week we have started our new topic 'How do we find out about the world?' and are thinking about our senses, Reception have talked about our 5 senses and which parts of our bodies we use for different senses.  Our focus has been on our sense of sight, we have looked at pictures and talked about fireworks as well as drawing firework pictures using chalk on black paper.  The dark tent has been a super place to investigate light and dark as we used our light up and glow in the dark equipment.

Light and Dark Investigations

Half Term Holiday Information

Each Reception child has received a login to an online Maths site (Mathseeds) which allows them to access games and lessons at their own level.  Their user names and passwords have been stuck into the back of their reading records so that they can complete some games at home, search Mathseeds and help them to log on then let them try and answer the questions by themselves, the program will set its self to their level and support their understanding and learning.  Wishing you all a restful half term holiday.

Term 1a Week 8

It has been a very busy last two weeks in our Reception Class with our harvest festival and visit from the Animal Antics ladies who brought us so many different creatures to look at, hold, feed and stroke.


Term 1a Week 6

We have been on an autumn walk and the wellies that some of the children have brought in came in really handy as it was very muddy.  We had looked at the natural sculptures of Andy Goldsworthy and collected resources to make our own. 

More Dear Zoo Stories

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Term 1a Week 5

We are really good at telling our Dear Zoo story, we have begun to invent our own stories adding different animals and thinking of different reasons why they need to be sent back then choosing one that we think will make a good pet and keeping it!  There has been lots of super work in the reading and writing corners telling and drawing story maps and books.  In the small world and construction areas there has been lovely talk between children about why things should be kept or sent back.  Below are stories by the children (edited together) where the children have used props to tell their own Dear Zoo stories. Check back next week as we should have made some more by then.

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

We have all been learning to tell the Dear Zoo story over the past few weeks, here is one of our children telling the  story by Rod Campbell.

Still image for this video

Term 1a Week 4

This has been our first full week at school! The children have worked hard to learn to tell the Dear Zoo story by Rod Campbell, many of the children can remember all of the repeated refrains and the order that the zoo sent the animals.  We have also been changing the animals which the zoo sent and making up our own stories, using our imagination to think of reasons they needed to be sent back.  The pig was too oink-y, the shark was too bite-y, the unicorn was too magical and the octopus had too many tentacles!

Term 1a Week 3

Reception have won the attendance award for the second week in a row!  We won because every child has been in Reception every day, well done every one. 

We have been making the most of the Autumn sunshine and enjoying our outdoor space to build incredible structures, work sensibly together and learn to take turns.

Term 1a Week 2

We have had busy week in Reception the children who came in the afternoon session tried out Yoga bugs, we stretched and balanced along to the story of The Three Little Pigs.

Reception has also been baking, we made carrot cake cupcakes.  We enjoyed going out into the school garden to pick the carrots then grating, weighing, mixing, spooning, cooking and finally eating our cakes.  

Term 1a Week 1

We have been settling into our new surroundings, investigating our equipment and getting to know each other.