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Amazing Anglo-Saxons

Year 4 have settled in well and had a great start to the Spring Term! The week began by exploring our new History topic. Becoming history detectives, we examined Anglo-Saxon artefacts discovered by archaeologists to find out how they lived. We made great observations and drew some excellent conclusions. Have a look at us deep in discussion below.

Vibration Stations

Year 4 went on a sound walk around school to listen and record what we could hear. How could we hear those sounds? Well, we know that sounds are made when something vibrates. But what exactly is a vibration? To find out, we spent the afternoon visiting 'vibration stations' to explore what vibrations actually look and feel like. We twanged rulers, banged drums to make rice dance, hummed, played ukuleles and even made our own elastic band instruments! Then, we discussed what must have been vibrating for us to hear those sounds around school. 

Wonderful Words

This term, we are really focusing on making our vocabulary choices even better. To help us find the most interesting words to use in our writing, we spent time looking for synonyms in a thesaurus. As we have been exploring anger in  the story, 'The Dot', we put together a word bank full of different words and phrases to express anger. Armed with our super synonyms, we then created some brilliant poems that conveyed the journey of anger. Take a look below:


Using Soundtrap

We have started to create our own sound files. I think this one would make an excellent backing track for a police film, what do you think?


This track was a collaboration between a few pupils. It is very chill, enjoy.

Chill drop

You can see the mood the class were in today. I had this playing on a loop. I thought it was very good, well done Alex

NG for ever

Some deep bass tones give this a great feel.

Hindu Temple Visit

Take a look at some photos from our trip to a Hindu Temple. Firstly, the temple's priest told us about the Hindu gods and goddesses and how Hindu's worship at the temple, or 'mandir'. He then explained the main features of the temple's shrine before letting us explore the more intricate details ourselves. Finally, we were able to observe morning prayer which we understood was a very special time for those attending. Year 4 had a great morning at the temple, listening wonderfully and asking some great questions. Thank you Hindu Temple Newcastle for letting us visit!

World Book Day

Year 4 took a trip to 'Starbooks' to celebrate World Book Day. Settling into a cosy cafe with a hot chocolate in hand, everybody was giving a Book Tasting Menu to sample. The idea was to read the first chapter of a book they hadn't read before then review it before moving onto the next one. Of course, this was all done whilst dressed as characters from our favourite stories!