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Where needed, staff will begin units with discussions about what the pupils already know, in order to adjust planning and activities in line with the pupils' prior knowledge and understanding. This practice will help our pupils maximise the knowledge and understanding they are set to gain, as well as pupils we may need to support and challenge as we teach. 


In geography lessons, teachers will assess pupils' learning around:


- key concepts

- map work skills

- fieldwork skills (geographical enquiry)

- their ability to use and apply what they have learnt in each area of study (knowledge).


At Newburn, we have end of year expectations for each year group. This is outlined in the document below. Staff will make 'best fit' judgements to assess pupils as:


- working towards the standard 

- working at the standard

- working above the standard 


We will use this throughout each unit to assess pupils against the skills and knowledge needed and how we can continue to stretch all pupils.