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Reception have really entered into the spirit of art week, drawing, painting, printing and sculpting, talking our inspiration from Paul Cezanne's 'Still Life with Apples and Oranges'.  We began by drawing still life pictures of fruit and flowers and then moved on to printing with the fruit, we took our printing theme further by using our hands and feet for printing and then had a printing workshop where we used a printing press to make more abstract pictures of fruit. During the final 2 days we worked on sculpting the fruit from modeling clay and then moved on to sculpting other objects we found around our classroom.

Still Life Drawing

Still Life Drawing 1
Still Life Drawing 2
Still Life Drawing 3
Still Life Drawing 4
Still Life Drawing 5
Still Life Drawing 6
Still Life Drawing 7

Fruit Printing

Fruit Printing 1
Fruit Printing 2

Hand and Foot Printing

Hand and Foot Printing 1
Hand and Foot Printing 2
Hand and Foot Printing 3
Hand and Foot Printing 4

Printing Workshop

Printing Workshop 1
Printing Workshop 2
Printing Workshop 3
Printing Workshop 4
Printing Workshop 5
Printing Workshop 6


Sculpting 1
Sculpting 2
Sculpting 3
Sculpting 4
Sculpting 5
Sculpting 6
Sculpting 7
Sculpting 8
Sculpting 9

Our Final Art Week Display

Our Final Art Week Display 1