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Summer Term

Pirate Fun Day

This week we had an amazing time learning to be pirates with Mr Vyle! We crossed rivers, we climbed muddy hills to look for treasure and we found clues to where Pirate Jack might live.  We decorated cutlasses, made pirate faces from dough and natural resources like leaves and stems and we lounged in hammocks after a long tiring day of fantastic fun and games. 

Bench Ball 2021

In honour of England reaching the final of Euro 2020, we decided to hold our own mini-tournament! We have been working hard over the last few weeks in PE, practising our movement skills, throwing, catching and how to work as a team. This all came together in four epic matches of Bench Ball. Cowabunga, Manchester Unite, Scotland and the Welsh Cheeseburgers (names all chosen by the teams themselves!) went toe-to-toe to be crowned Bench Ball Champions 2021. It was lovely to see everybody working together and congratulating each other on a game well-played whatever the final score. Congratulations to all competitors! 

Save the Polar Bears!

This week, we found out one of our favourite animals is endangered. We know the Arctic is cold and icy - perfect for a polar bear! But what we didn't know is that this is slowly changing. The winter season is getting shorter and the ice caps are melting. Our polar bear visitors helped us think about why this might be happening and some great ideas were shared. Year 1 love polar bears so we decided we had to help them. We worked hard making eye-catching posters to display around school to let all of our friends know what is happening and how we could help. Well done Year 1 - let's save the polar bears!


What a great time we all had learning to hula-hoop this week!  We thoroughly enjoyed our session with Tracey on the school playground.  We loved the music and the party atmosphere and best of all everyone of us made progress towards hula-hooping by the end of the lesson.  Look at what we can do!


Amazing Animals

This term we have been looking at habitats around the world. We explored mini-habitats around the school but then wondered what habitats we might find in other countries. After doing some research, we soon found out that there are lots of different habitats, including rainforests, deserts, woodland and oceans. We were particularly interested in the Arctic so we decided to explore this further. Knowing it was cold, snowy and icy, we wanted to find out about what sort of animals are suited to living there. Our favourite was the polar bear and we now know lots of interesting facts about this amazing animal. Have a look at our wonderful work below:

Marvelous Music

This term, we have been lucky enough to have visitors come in each week to teach us some spooky songs based on the book 'Funny Bones'. Each session, we have learnt a new part of the song, added some amazing moves and now we have even started to play instruments along with the backing track! Have a look at our progress so far...

Skip 2 B Fit

A few weeks ago, there were only a small number of children in our class who could skip. Now, after lots of practice and sheer determination, we have a large number of children who can skip with confidence and another large group who are on the cusp of skipping. We are so proud of ourselves!

Plant Hunt

This week we had a fantastic time hunting for common plants in the school grounds and in the Dene with Mr Vyle.  We used pictures of tree leaves to identify common trees in several places around school and we identified common flowers growing wild in our grassy areas.  We played games, we sorted leaves into different groups and we learned more facts about the deciduous and evergreen trees which are growing all around our  school grounds.  Mr Vyle ended our nature walk with a calm, peaceful moment lying under the mature trees in the Dene where we breathed slowly, looking up at the beautiful branches and leaves, taking in a perfect moment and an end to a perfect time outdoors. 

Exercise Extravaganza!


We've been having lots of fun in PE developing and learning lots of new skills! We've spent time this term thinking about the best techniques to throw, catch and bounce. To show off our new skills, we took part in a carousel of activities and worked our way around an obstacle course. Look at the photos below to see how we got on!

Find your Inamojo

Inamojo sessions have resumed this week with Lucy from The Children's Society. The children loved seeing Lucy again and they enjoyed relaxing while listening to a story about Takeo who encounters a boy called Lance. Takeo must find his inner warrior to overcome a challenge.  Through this story, the class learned about courage and strength which Takeo found in himself when facing his fears.