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Week 4 History


We have been working virtually with The Oriental Museum in Durham to support our learning about the Ancient Egyptians!

Week 3 Religious Education

We have been learning about The Person of Jesus in our new RE topic.

We have been looking at artists paintings of Jesus from different stories in the bible. We have been talking about what these pieces of work show us about Jesus life and character as well as what people think he might have looked like.

Week 3 Computers

The work is getting more complicated now as we try and use film on the green screen. At the moment the children are still using static images but wouldn't it be great to use several videos at once! Here is a quick sample of what we have been doing.

In the

Still image for this video

Taking a

Still image for this video

Week 3 Science

The class took advantage of the sunny weather to test some ideas out about reflective materials. We found out that it didn't matter what the material was made from as long as it was shiny enough. 

Week 2 Spanish


This week, we have been learning different colours in Spanish. We sang a song which included our numbers to 10 and the new colours we had learnt.


Check it out by following the link below:


Spanish Song

Week 1 Computers


This week we have returned to our history topic about Ancient Egypt. We have been reading ' A visitor's Guide to Ancient Egypt' which has given us some tips about the best places to visit. In our english lessons we have been recording information about the Valley of the Kings in preparation for writing an article for a magazine.

 Mr Vyle helped to transport us to Egypt as we learnt how to use the green screen.

Check out our amazing photographs.