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Autumn term

Seven Stories

We went on a Christmas trip to Seven Stories, we had a chance to explore the museum and have a go with some of the dressing up and interactive exhibits, then we watched their Christmas Performance in the attic space - 'The Missing List' where we helped solve a mystery and learned about the magic of books.  We ate our lunch and got the bus back to school and exhausting day for all!

Find out Friday!

All of the Reception Grownups were invited to come and find out about our senses topic on Friday afternoon, we tasted crisps, smelt bottles, used our dark tent, made balloon youghurt pot drums, listened to the sound lotto game and used the feely boxes to test our senses to the limits! We also had a chance to explore the Reception Classroom and show off all of our hard work to  our Adults. 

Term 1b Week 3

Our senses this week were smell and taste, we smelled lots of old jars and bottles to decide what they used to have in them and then thought about weather we liked them or not.  When we thought about taste we tried an experiment seeing if we could guess the flavour of a sweet with our noses pinched, it just tasted sweet then when we let our noses go and took a good breath we could taste the fruity sweet.  We also tasted flavoured water and thought about what flavour it could be.



Term 1b Week 2

We thought about our sense of hearing and listened carefully to match sound makers, play sound lotto, make noisy junk instruments and think about loud and quiet.

Term 1b Week 1

Our new topic is "How do I find out about the world?" and we have been thinking about our senses - this week in particular our eyes and our sense of sight.  We thought about the festival of light Diwali celebrated by Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs and made glittery pictures.  The Dark tent was up in our home corner and there was lots of light up equipment for Reception to explore.  We finished the week by thinking about bonfire night where we use our eyes and ears to enjoy the fireworks chalk and black paper worked really well to make firework pictures. 

Term 1a Week 7

In celebration of all of our hard work telling, acting out, drawing and changing the Dear Zoo story by Rod Campbell, this week we had a visit from some amazing animals.  Stef from Animal Antics brought us 2 mice, a hedgehog, a bearded dragon, a snake, an owl and a rabbit.  All of the children enjoyed looking at them and most of the children were really brave and had a hold or a stroke of most of them!

Term 1a Week 6

Reception have been working on their numeral recognition and counting out from a larger group skills this week.  We used apples on apple trees inside and spiders on webs outside!

We have been learning about seasons, autumn and thinking about harvest time when people gather all the crops they have been growing all summer. We learned to sing the song ‘Big Red Combine Harvester’ by ‘Out of the Ark’ music.

Click the link below to see Reception perform our Big Red Combine Harvester song.  Look in Reception 2022-2023.

Term 1a Week 5

We went for an autumn walk in our school grounds and collected lots of leaves, fir cones and sticks which we used to make Andy Goldsworthy style temporary art.

Term 1a Week 4

We are learning to tell the story of Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell, we have used it's repeated refrains, actions and props to help us remember the whole story. 

Click the link below to see Reception perform our Dear Zoo Story.

Term 1a Week 2

During our second week we made and tasted smoothies, carefully measuring out frozen berries, apple juice, honey and then safely cutting up apples using the bridge cutting method we put it in a blender and enjoyed listening to the sound it made.  Most of the children had a taste of our smoothie too!

Term 1a Week 1

In our first week we spent time investigating the Reception Classroom and all of the resources we have.