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The assessment of Computers will take place, during each topic and will be a combination of self and teacher assessment. Assessment will use the google classroom in year 4, 5 and 6 and a printed sheet for lower classes. At the end of each topic children will reflect upon their work.



During the topic


In each computer lesson, teaching staff will introduce new computer knowledge to the children and give them opportunities to work independently developing their ideas. Teachers will formatively assessment after the pupils have completed a lesson to recognise which children will need to be stretched and challenged and those who need extra support. This will done by a review of the children’s self-assessment form compared to their progress in the lesson.


Teachers will assess pupils in line with Rising Stars Computing scheme of work objectives. Staff will use this throughout each unit to identify when these skills have been used and how often. 


At the end of a unit


Pupils will revisit the self-assessment materials that they have completed throughout the topic This will allow teaching staff to see the progress made by each child progressing to the next step.


Additional Assessment


Other ongoing assessment opportunities present themselves with the use of and

(Although this provides excellent opportunities to record progress issues arise where exaggerated advancement has been recorded.)