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Autumn Term

Term 1b Week 6

This week we have thought about our sense of taste and been really brave trying mint, onion, raspberries, cress and blueberries.  Some of them were delicious others not so tasty!  We have been practising our Nativity Scene and it is up on the school website on Monday under Christmas 2020, scene 4 Reception.  Our Christmas crafts are coming on well and we had our party with musical bumps, musical statues, a catwalk to show off our party clothes, pizza, chips and a cinema in our class room to watch Stick Man by Julia Donaldson.

New tastes

Christmas Crafts

Christmas Party

Term 1b Week 5

We have begun to think about Christmas, the classroom is decorated, the Advent calendar has been taken out of the box and we have started to give out the chocolates as we count down to the big day, we have started making our Christmas tree cards and decorations.  Our sense for this week is touch and we have talked about things that are nice to touch and things that don't feel so good, how our sense of touch keeps us safe when we feel something is too hot or too cold and talked about all of the describing words we could think of to do with how objects feel, as well as using the feely boxes (after using the gel to clean our hands).  The children have also worked hard to use their phonic knowledge and writing skills to write words, sight words and captions.

Using our sense of touch to feel.


Term 1b Week 4

This week we have been thinking about all of our senses, we went on a senses walk, we felt the mud under our wellies, were really quiet and listened to the cars and the birds, had hot chocolate which smelled and tasted really sweet and saw all of the lovely autumn colours around our school grounds.

The sense we thought about this week was smelling.

Term 1b Week 2

Our Maths topic this week has been doubling, we have used doubling monsters and Numicon tiles to double.  Each monster needs two arms that look the same to help us remember that to double means to add the same again. 

The sense we thought about this week is our hearing we listened to BBC schools radio (link below) and thought about what the everyday sounds were or what they sounded like. We also made musical instruments which we could shake, bang and pluck.

On Wednesday we thought about what we are thankful for and made hand print poppies to remember that we have lots of things to be grateful for. 

Term 1b Week 1

The children have settled back into Reception really well since the holiday and we have had a productive week back at school.  We have been thinking about our senses starting with our sense of sight talking about the festival of light Diwali, fireworks and bonfire night as well as looking for Wally in a 'Where's Wally' Picture.  We have written 'I can see' sentences and worked in our dark tent with light sources.  In Maths we have been ordering things by size and thinking about the words 'compare' and 'difference' as well as thinking of all the size words we know and ordering them too!

Here they are







middle sized





very, very small




really tiny

teeny weeny


Maths work - ordering pictures in terms of size

Working with light sources in the Dark Tent.

For extra information on our Phonics scheme and some lessons you can watch on YouTube click the link below.

Term 1a Week 7

Miss Morgan is really proud of how the Reception Class is getting used to all of the rules and routines of the school day.  This week we have been adding one more, painting animals for our own Dear Zoo story and using our Phonic skills to write words. On Wednesday afternoon, with Mrs Wafi, Reception watched the story 'Hands Are Not For Hitting' on youtube and thought about all the lovely things we could use our hands for then made hand print posters to share our ideas.


Each child has a Mathseeds login and password stuck in the back of their Reading Record book it would be lovely if you could help them to log on, they need to complete the lessons themselves and if they complete a certain number of lessons (rather than just games) correctly they will get a certificate.  We used Mathseeds for the first time last year and the children who regularly used it really came on in their mathematical understanding.

Term 1 Week 6

This week we have been using the Dear Zoo story structure to make up our won Dear... stories, Dear Pet Shop, Dear Jungle, Dear Aquarium. Here are a selection of the children telling their stories.

Our Own Dear Zoo / Pet Shop Story.

Still image for this video

Term 1a Week 5

We have been working on telling the Dear Zoo story for the last 2 weeks, we are getting really good at it now. Here are some of our children telling the story with our actions.

Dear Zoo By Rod Campbell

Still image for this video
We have also been working on ordering numerals 0 to 12 and matching them to Numicon tiles.

Term 1a Week 4


We have spent the first few weeks settling into Reception and getting use to the rules and routines of Newburn Manor Primary.  I am so proud of all of the children who are now in full time and getting on well with all of our Reception work.

Here are a few pictures of our first 4 weeks at school, highlights for me included enjoying the late September sunshine, making smoothies and exploring our Maths resources.