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Spring term

Easter Celebrations


We have been rehearsing our Easter Parade song for weeks and were excited to perform for the whole school and our families! We danced to 'Waka Waka' by Shakira, which you might know as a World Cup song.

Frog Life Cycle Animations


We have been using 'I Can Animate' to create stop motion videos of life cycles. Please have a look!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Living Things and Their Habitats


We've begun our new science topic recently and Oli was so inspired that he asked to bring in his pet to discuss its life cycle - it is a scorpion! We had lots of questions for Oli, who had researched all about his scorpion (Attitude), and loved seeing how it changed under UV light.



Our second session of YogaBugs saw us improving our balance and poise.  Do take a look at the videos below.

Video 1

Still image for this video

Video 2

Still image for this video

Video 3

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World Book Day


On World Book Day, we had a fun time dressing up as our favourite characters from traditional tales and enjoyed debating who was the wronged party in Little Red Riding hood.  Was the Big Bad Wolf really to blame? Was Little Red Riding Hood as innocent as she seemed?  Each child received a World Book Day voucher which can be used up until, and including, 31 March 2019.  It can either be exchanged for a free World Book Day book or used for £1 off any other book at participating bookstores and supermarkets.

Art Week - Our Final Project


After drawing our amazing sketches of Chris Killip's photograph, we traced over them in a variety of media - this allowed Mrs Merrix to cover our 3D sculptures in our sketches. They are modelled from the shipping containers we looked at earlier in the week, and hopefully highlighting the industrial element of 'Men of the Docks'. We will be putting them up in the hall, with some lighting behind, to showcase all of the details in our drawings.

Art Week - Day Three


Today, we've been looking at photography by Chris Killip. He has taken photographs linked to the ship building industry and we focused on perspective, sketching one of his images.


We have also made some structures to display our HUGE class project...stay tuned and see it on Friday!

Art Week - Day Two


On day two of Art Week, we started with a discussion about what the ships in the image may have been used for. We came up with the idea that they might have been cargo ships transporting goods elsewhere. From this, we looked at the shipping containers used to transfer the goods. We used tissue paper and graphite pencils to create out own shipping container stacks. Mrs. Merrix also has an interesting idea for our whole class project...can you guess what it might be from some of the images?



Art Week - Day One


We've been discussing the image 'Men of the Docks' by George Bellows today. Here are some of our initial opinions:



'I do like it but the colours look dull and grey. I think it looks old-fashioned and not from recent times.'



'I'm not sure I like it because of the contents of the picture, but I can appreciate the details they have included.'



'I'm undecided about it but it does look realistic.'



'I like it even though it looks old. I like the details they have included. '


As a starting point, we decided to look at the colours and lines Bellows used. We did simple sketch drawings, with little to no fine details, and then colour blocked them with tissue paper. We are now in the process of sketching in some of the details Bellows included with drawing pencils. We are excited to see where our inspiration will take us!

Yoga Bugs


We loved our first session of Yoga Bugs and can't wait to push ourselves to try more poses!

Looking Through the Archives...


As part of the Built to Last project, we were lucky enough to go to the Discovery Museum and look through some of the local archives. There were maps, school log books, photographs, industry memorabilia and architectural plans. We loved looking through the historic documents and will be using some of the information to help with our topic about our local area.  

Built to Last - Lindisfarne Care Home


Half of our class were lucky enough to go to a local care facility to chat with people who have dementia. After our recent training, pupils were experts in making conversation with those who are living with the condition.


Mrs Peters accompanied the children and came back with some excellent praise! Our pupils behaved exceptionally and were brilliant when chatting with the residents.

Has Newburn Always Looked Like This?


This week we have started exploring our new topic - it is all about the area surrounding our school! We started by looking at some maps from 1920 and compared them to current day maps. We pointed out similarities and differences in land use...I wonder what evidence we will find if we take a walk around...

Winter Writing


Mrs Merrix has put together a compilation of paragraphs from our narrative about our walk. Aren't they great?


A lawn of frost masked the whole field. The perimeter of the Victorian building, trapped with wooden fences, was ornately embroidered with gleaming crystals. Although the crystals looked like razor-sharp blades, my frost-bitten palm reached out and the gleaming crystals disintegrated beneath my fingertips. Despite the radiant January sunrise overshadowing the horizon, the frost still sat peacefully on the obsidian asphalt pathway. (Lexi)


A trail of deer hooves embellished the bristles. As I ambled tentatively, my wellies sank into the mini mountains of mud, feeling gnarly. Looking closely, the once healthy stalks had become frozen. The emerald grass had morphed into jade hues - how long do you think it will take to thaw? (Lila)


While I was observing the grass, I could hear twitching and twigs snapping beneath little feet which led me to the hedgerow that sat in the corner of the field. Reeds clashed and gossiped simultaneously about the cold snap, that created a sound which was like a soothing lullaby. A group of hedgehogs were to blame for the snapping twigs - they were trying to hide and camouflage into the hedgerow. The crisp scent of wood lingered through my nostrils. (Livinia)


My chocolate brown eyes were fixed onto the pale blue skyline. Not a cloud floated in sight, it was like hide-and-seek. Starlings swooped silently over the light bulb - the moon. The slate grey, frosted tiles were surrounding the roof. Closeby, leaves had frostbite, they curled up. Burgundy leaves clung onto the deciduous trees.  (Isaac)

Our Class Assembly


Well...our class assembly was amazing! From Bart Simpson, to Yankee Doodle, we gave a fantastic performance. We hope you enjoy looking through the images, which capture some moments from the show.

A Winter's Walk


At the beginning of our third week, we decided to make the most of the frosty weather and go outside to explore and observe. It was FREEZING! Mrs Merrix asked us to look at the features of the frost and we looked closely at what it looked like against different surfaces. Check back here next week to see some of our brilliant descriptions!

Built to Last


As part of a new initiative in school, Year 5 have been asked to take part in the 'Built to Last' project which will see members of our class working with people in the community, with dementia, to create something for our school. We had some training this week to help us understand what dementia is and how to be great friends with people who have it.

Pop Art


After our 'Art Week' last year, we were so keen to learn more about Pop Art. Year 5 have begun to explore some of the key artists and their works and are looking forward to using items from popular culture in 2019 to create pieces of their own.

Finding Area


We have loved finding the area of composite rectilinear shapes recently. Mrs Merrix taped them to our tables so we could use our knowledge to find areas of a variety of shapes.

Back with a Bang!


Our first week back was amazing! The best part of our week was being treated to a visit to the pantomime at the Theatre Royal in Newcastle - Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We were so sensible when moving through public areas and even had members of the public congratulate us on our impeccable behaviour. Well done Year 5!