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At Newburn Manor we believe that poetry is many children's route into reading. Its rhythms and patterns introduce children to a range of reading skills. Children naturally pick up rhymes and rhythms, they want to join in, they enjoy the experience – and a rich experience of hearing and learning poems is a fantastic way of learning how language works.


Poetry allows you to play with language and sentence structure. This creativity teaches children to experiment with language and to find new ways to communicate. The use of rhythm, rhyme and repetition is also brilliant for speaking aloud.


Poetry also helps in understanding different perspectives. Teaching and learning from poetry can help students respect and understand the viewpoints of people across the globe. In an age of increasing divisiveness, this is a hugely important aspect of education.


We encourage our pupils to see poetry as a form of artistic creation.  The children will be given the opportunity to explore poetry through our Thursday is ‘Verseday’ activities where the emphasis is on enjoyment.