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Mood Monsters

We have been talking about feelings and emotions which we experience in our lives. We know that it is usual to experience a variety of emotions each day. We have been increasing our emotional vocabulary and gaining self-confidence when speaking about how we feel with our friends and the adults who know us well. 

Who is George Stephenson?
Over the last few weeks we have been researching and learning facts about the wonderful George Stephenson.  Do you know why he is famous? We know lots of facts about his life and why he is remembered today. We would love you to ask us about him so we can showcase our skills as historians. 

We had a great time this week with Caroline learning the skills needed to play cricket. After playing a fantastic warmup game, we worked in threes to practice throwing the ball through the hoop. We had to be as accurate as possible using an underarm throw. We took turns with our team mates to play the role of the bowler, the batter and the wicket keeper. As a challenge, we tilted the hoop to ensure that our ball made a curved shape in the air before it dropped through the hoop. Our hand-eye coordination and our aim is improving each week- what a successful session we had!

Jubilee Celebrations

This week we have thoroughly enjoyed our celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. We have learned interesting facts about our Queen, we have made crowns and we have coloured the Union Flag. We also listened to Steve Antony read his story, ‘The Queen’s Hat’ which was a great, funny story to listen to as part of our celebrations. We learned that Steve Antony is the illustrator and author of the book. He showed us how to draw a picture of the Queen wearing a fancy hat through a ‘draw-along’ which we absolutely loved. You can see some of our drawings below. After hearing the wonderful story of ‘The Queen’s Hat’, we designed and made a new hat which we think the Queen would love to wear as part of her Jubilee Celebrations. What do you think? Would the Queen like our new hat design?

Multiplication and Division

We can use mathematical vocabulary when talking about equal groups. We can use stem sentences to describe groups and we can record repeated addition number sentences before counting in multiples of 2s, 5s or 10s to find the total number of objects. 

Visit to The Grace Darling Museum

We had an amazing time when we visited the Grace Darling museum in Bamburgh, Northumberland.  We got to see the actual coble boat which Grace used to rescue the nine passengers of the Forfarshire ship who were stranded on the rocks off Longstone Island.  We saw many artefacts in the museum like a dress which Grace wore and a lock of her hair, along with the actual shawl that Grace wore during the famous rescue! There were many ornaments and various objects from the Darling family lighthouse and a journal from William Darling, Grace's Father, which detailed events of the rescue.  We recreated the story of Grace Darling's rescue mission with a Victorian shadow puppet show which we great! We performed this in groups for the rest of our class. Finally, we walked down to the beach and saw Longstone Island in the distance where Grace used to live. What a fun-packed day we all had!

Pop Art

We have studied Pop Art and some of the artwork from famous artists like Andy Warhol.  We know that pop art is bold, bright and eye-catching and that many pop artists used repetition in their work.  We know how to make secondary colours by mixing primary colours together, we know that some colours complement each other through studying a colour wheel and we know that pop artists often chose to create art using everyday objects  and portraits of famous people.  We decided to produce self-portraits in the style of Andy Warhol using repetition and complementary colours. 

Looking at the work of Andy Warhol - 

Colour mixing and the colour wheel -

Applying our skills when drawing and painting a self-portrait -

Examples of our finished artwork -