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Summer term

Day Four - Tomahawks Throwing, Archery and Low Ropes


After our epic night walk last night, we woke up ready for another day of adventures. We split into our three groups and took part in tomahawk throwing, archery and the low ropes. Most of us hadn't done these activities before and it was great to have a go! There were targets in the tomahawk range with playing cards on them - if we hit the card with our tomahawk, we could keep the card as a reminder! We got soaked in the low ropes area as we had to beat another team to get the most water around the course.

Most of our afternoon was spent back at the tower, doing the activity we missed out on earlier in the week. Everyone pushed themselves to go one step further than they thought they could and Year 5 loved cheering their friends on to go as far as they could.

Day Three - A Day in Camp Newburn


We have spent almost the whole day in our camp and choosing what we'd like to make and do. In the morning, Lincoln was busy making pancakes (with extra trimmings) on the campfire and we had leatherwork and art stations. After lunch, Livinia was busy cooking lamb and halloumi kebabs...they were delicious! We thought of lots of inventive ideas for our woodwork activities, including stilts, pencils and wooden aliens! We ended our day with a walk to Leaplish and star gazing.

Day Two - Bell-boating and Hours at the Tower


Day two began with an amazing breakfast which set us up for a very busy day! A brief walk down to the reservoir lead us to the bell-boats, and our first activity of the day. With buoyancy aids, extra waterproofs and a helmet, we were ready to go! After a boat race, we arrived at a different area of the reservoir and found a giant's head and chairs!



Some of us even jumped in the reservoir from the pier. Dalton jumped in and said "It was freezing! I felt like I was in Antarctica!"
Our morning was exhausting, so after we refuelled with lunch we were ready to tackle the tower. We split into three groups and we were able to try abseiling, rock climbing and the zip wire! Even though some of didn't 'finish' the activities, every single one of us pushed ourselves as far as we could go! Mrs Merrix, Mr Vyle and Miss Luke are incredibly proud of us for challenging ourselves and supporting our friends.

Hawkhirst - Day One


After the rocky road through Bellingham, we arrived in Kielder - finally! The day we have waited for all year arrived and Year 5 were extremely excited. Our first task was to unpack our bags from the bus and carry them towards Sunley Lodge, where we were greeted by three of the team who are looking after us this week. The most amusing job of the week (for the adults to watch) is the children making their beds!

The centre staff helped us end our day on a high note with songs and marshmallows by their camp fire. We even managed to have a game of Cuckoo on the walk there and....the dreaded mud run!
We had a quick pit-stop for our lunch and then began the walk to the Bird of Prey Centre, where we met Ray (the owner). We had such an amazing time learning about the birds there and were able to feed some of the birds. The highlight had to have been when Arwin, the black kite, stole Leah's hat!
Our evening was spent getting to grips with our campsite. We especially loved trying to balance on the slack line and making s'mores over the fire.

The End is Here


Over the last 20 school days, Year 5 have been working hard with Mr Churchward to elevate their fitness levels and develop their stamina. Adding a repetition on each day has helped us build our muscles to be able to do 20 of each activity! We hope you enjoy this short clip which shows our hard work.

20 Day Challenge

Still image for this video

Bringing the Rainforest to Newburn Manor


In our second week back after half term, we have started our final geography topic - rainforests. Mrs Merrix has decorated our classroom with vines and we've been listening to the sounds of the rainforest whilst we work. We have been investigating where rainforests are located around the world and what categorises them, using maps and atlases to find them on a world map.

The Year 5/6 Summer Production


Welcome back for the final half term of this year! Our annual production rehearsals have started this week, with auditions and casting underway. Although we won't spoil it for you, I will say rehearsals are going swimmingly! We hope we will see you in the audience at the end of term.

Twenty Day Challenge - Our Turn!


Some other classes in school have already completed their Twenty Day Challenge, ran by Mr Churchward, but now it's up to us! The challenge includes doing strengthening exercises, such as press ups and leg raises. We start off by learning good form and by the end we should be able to do 20 of each exercise (we increase the number day-by-day). Take a look at our first session and wish us luck... 

Emergency! Emergency!


We have been learning about how to react when someone is ill or injured and how that varies depending on the injury sustained. After watching a video, from St. John's Ambulance Service, we tried to follow the instructions for putting someone into the recovery position. There were many steps to follow but we did really well! Mrs Merrix thinks we have some future paramedics in our class!